Beyond the Frazer Center

Beyond the Frazer Center

How the Frazer Center prepared a family for the next big step… 

When Kennedy attended the Frazer Center’s Pre-K two years ago her laughter and smile were a constant source of enjoyment. She brightened everyone’s day. Then, as all kids do, she continued to grow until it was time for her next big adventure… kindergarten and her formal education.

According to her parents, Reshell and Karla, the Frazer Center’s inclusive education model prepared them and Kennedy for the pace of grade school.

As most parents of children blessed with Down Syndrome (T21) know,” Karla said. “The process of starting formal education can be challenging. Due to Frazer’s commitment to inclusion, our expectations were high and our first interaction with her Individualized Education Plan (IEP) team was smooth. We knew Kennedy’s ability, where she needed help, what our rights were, and the resources her new school needed to best accommodate our family.

It was bittersweet to see Kennedy start her new journey, but the inclusive, early education she received at the Frazer Center has equipped her with the knowledge and confidence to flourish well beyond our walls. Fortunately for us, her younger brother, Breeze, still has some time at Frazer to forge his own path!

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