CONGRATULATIONS to Pre-K Teacher Caitlin Macon!

Caitlin Macon, one of Frazer’s Pre-K teachers, has been honored with the 2018 Peggy A. Gallagher Award for Inclusion of Young Children with Special Needs.

Frazer Pre-K Teacher Caitlin Macon, recipient of the 2018 Peggy A. Gallagher Award for Inclusion of Young Children with Special Needs

The award is given by the Georgia Association for the Education of Young Children (GAEYC) to recognize “distinguished service to quality educational improvements for all of Georgia’s children.”

“I am beyond honored to receive this award!” says Caitlin. “It feels amazing to be recognized for the emotional investment we put in at our jobs every day.” To qualify for the award, recipients must “actively promote the inclusion of young children (birth through age 8 years) with disabilities through friendship, play, social and cognitive activities with typically developing children of the same age,” and teach “in a classroom with children with identified disabilities (i.e. have an IEP or IFSP or eligibility for) along with typical children ages birth to 8 years.”

Caitlin was nominated by Child Development Program Director (now Director of Operations) Pam McClure who says: “Caitlin goes above and beyond to ensure that all students in her classroom are included, regardless of their disability. She partners with parents, therapists and other support professionals to ensure that she knows about each child’s strengths and areas of need. This teamwork approach allows Caitlin to meet each child where they are at the beginning of the year and to help them develop and grow throughout the school year. Even during the most challenging times, Caitlin demonstrates professionalism and patience. She never gives up and her dedication pays off. Several parents have written to us sharing the gratitude they have for their child’s experience in Caitlin’s classroom. She is truly making a difference in the lives of her students.”

“In an inclusive classroom, every day presents a new set of challenges and rewards. The rewards of course always outweigh the challenges and make the work we do every day that much more meaningful,” says Caitlin. Whether she’s modifying a lesson or the classroom to meet students’ particular needs,  providing new tools to help students regulate emotions or communicate more effectively with their peers, the “skills we are teaching them now are not just temporary fixes for the year, they are life-long, and that’s really our goal.”

We’re proud to have Caitlin on the Frazer team! You can read a little more about her here.

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