Family Spotlight: The Rachals

Kristy, Chloe, and Tyrone Rachal

The Rachals have been a part of the Frazer Center family for over five years. Chloe Rachal is a kindergartener now, but her schooling began at Frazer when she was just under a year old. Her mom Kristy says Chloe “developed friendships with other children in the infant room, many of whom were classmates…through Pre-K. I can’t say enough about how wonderful our Frazer experience was. Her teachers nurtured her and helped her to build skills needed in elementary school and in life generally—relationship building, dealing with/resolving conflict, and standing up for yourself, to name a few. I can say without a doubt that we adored and highly respected every single Lead Teacher she had at Frazer, and we’re still in touch with several of them today. Chloe is doing extremely well in kindergarten this year, and it is due in large part to her amazing pre-K teacher, Miss Jessica. Her teacher recognized and stressed the importance of developing self-regulation skills, which were challenging for Chloe, while also teaching the academic aspects of kindergarten readiness: letter, shape, and color recognition, rhyming word and sight word recognition, counting, and writing their names and simple sentences. She provided the perfect balance that made learning fun while teaching them the skills and discipline necessary to flourish in kindergarten. The support Chloe received on a daily basis helped to create a critical foundation in terms of skills, knowledge, and confidence that every child should have.”

“We miss our Frazer family,” Kristy says, but the Rachals are not that far away. Chloe’s father Tyrone serves as the chair of our board of directors. His community connections run deep. He is active on several non-profit boards, and as president of Urban Key Capital Partners, he brings a wealth of financial experience to Frazer. But it’s his personal involvement here as a parent that makes his service invaluable to us. With the Rachals at our side, we look forward to following Chloe’s development into adulthood as well as our own growth as an organization and leader in the field of disabilities and inclusion.

Chloe in her early career at Frazer

Chloe admiring her portrait in the Frazer hallway