Our Wish List

Center Supplies
Paper (any type)
Sheet protectors
White self-adhesive reinforcements
Medium 1 5/8 inch binder clips
Letter size plastic clipboard
Expo marker minder
Dry erase markers
Assorted color file folders
Pencils (regular and/or colored)
X-ACTO School Pro electric sharpener
Pencil cap erasers
Scotch book tape
Tape dispenser and tape
Glue sticks
EZ Correct white-out
Packing tape
Contact paper
Laminating paper

Adult Program Supplies
Wii controllers
Wii sport games & Wii exercise equipment
Sewing machines and thread
DVDs – yoga, dancing, aerobics, Zumba
DVDs – entertainment
Board games
Musical instruments such as electron keyboard
Coffee table books
Paint, paint brushes, canvases
Music CDs
Yoga mats
Crock pots
Dish towels
Kitchen cloths
10×10 canopy tent

Child Development Program Supplies
Assorted colored tote bins
Holiday decorations
Construction paper storage (classroom keepers)
Pick A Student sticks
Large fish tank
Bird cage and Items for the birds
Flat screen TV

Kitchen / Facility Supplies
Small wares:
Ladles, spoodles, serving spoons
Stainless prep bowls, serving bowls
Serving tongs
Muffin pans
Small scoop colander with handle
Fresh fruit slicers
Food processors
Storage containers
Storage racks
Dunage racks
Electric can opener

Large equipment:
Outside refrigerator/freezer combo unit
Food warmer cabinet
6” deep half pans
Steam table
Culinary teaching table
Hot water booster (for dishwasher)
Table top mixer (medium batch capacity)
Booth/tables/chairs for staff break room