Inclement Weather Procedure

When the area is experiencing inclement weather, Frazer Center puts the safety of participants and employees above all else. We also take into consideration our ability to maintain mandated staff-to-participate ratios when staff is impeded in reporting to work by inclement weather, as well as the resulting operational and financial hardships for the facility, our employees, and those we serve.

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Decision to Close: If DeKalb County Schools are closed due to inclement weather and their 12-month employees are not required to report to work, Frazer Center will also be closed. If DeKalb County Schools are closed, but their 12-month employees are required to report to work, Frazer Center will be open.

Frazer Center employees are expected to make every safe and reasonable effort to report to work if Frazer Center is open. Employees are encouraged to make child care arrangements in advance for their family in anticipation of days when Frazer Center is open while other area schools are closed.

– Should the conditions worsen during the day and an early closing be necessitated, family of participants will be contacted by 12 PM as outlined below. Families are urged to pick up their participants before the designated closing time to allow staff who live far away from Frazer Center to travel home safely.

– If at any time Frazer Center determines that making an exception to this rule is necessary for safety or operational reasons (such as loss of power or water for an extended period of time), participants and employees will be notified.

Communication: The decision to close will be made and announced as soon as DeKalb County Schools have made their decision, typically by 6 AM the morning of the closing. The decision to close will be communicated to participants and staff in the following ways: Frazer Center website frontpage, Email, Frazer Center Facebook page, Frazer Center Twitter feed, Frazer Center voicemail, WSB-TV, 11Alive, Signage on property (if safe for staff to do so).

NOTE: Participants and staff are encouraged to notify front desk staff of any changes in their contact information in order to receive timely notifications of emergency closings. Please be patient as during weather events we are often handling a higher number of calls or may have communication issues related to power outages. You will be contacted as soon as safely possible.

Delayed Openings: If a delayed start time is issued for DeKalb County Schools’ 12-month employees, the Frazer Center will have that same delayed start time. The Children’s Program lunch schedule may be delayed on the day of a delayed opening, so parents are asked to make sure children have a snack before dropping them off.

Make Up Days: If the Frazer Center is closed due to inclement weather for three days or less in a fiscal year, these days will not be made up. For every day missed beyond the first three, every effort will be made to restore days from scheduled in-service days and/or winter break.

Employee Compensation: If Frazer Center is closed for the day, employees scheduled for that day will be paid their scheduled work hours. Employees already scheduled for PTO on those days will be paid regularly and PTO will not be docked.

Salaried employees are expected to work from home as feasible during days off due to inclement weather.

If, due to inclement weather, a staff member is unable to report to work on a day that Frazer Center is open, they must use PTO to cover the absence.

Tuition: No tuition discounts or refunds are available for inclement weather closings.

MARTA Paratransit Riders: Rides with MARTA paratransit must be cancelled as soon as a closing is announced.

Should an early closure be necessitated, MARTA will be contacted no later than 12 PM. Staff will call each affected family/caregiver to assure that someone will be available to receive the adult participant when they arrive at their destination.

If the announcement of a delayed start time is made after 5:00 PM, then Frazer adult participants who use MARTA/STS will be unable to change their transportation schedule and their transportation for the day of the delayed closing will need to be cancelled. Frazer will still offer six hours of service to adult participants on the day of the delayed opening, but adult participants will be responsible for arranging their own transportation to and from the Frazer Center that day.

If MARTA delays the start of operations on a day when the Frazer Center is open, hours for the adult program will be adjusted for a later start and end time so that adults can still attend and benefit from a full day of service.

Back Gate: The back gate used by MARTA paratransit will only be used by other vehicles if the center is open and it has been determined that the front entrance is impassable or dangerous due to weather conditions.