Community Involvement

“My Self. My World. My Dreams.”

As a CQL accredited program, we strive to create an environment where everyone can gather, learn, and flourish together. At the Frazer Center, we use “person centered planning”- meeting with one individual at a time to explore each participant’s desires and values for his- or herself, his or her world, and his or her dreams.  For many of the adults, this may entail a paid job in the community, and for others a volunteer opportunity, while still others wish to travel into the community with friends. Each adult has different abilities, skills, desires, and gifts.  We work to place adults in places that best fit individual personalities.

Members of the 2012 Frazer Center Bocce Ball Dream Team

Members of the 2012 Frazer Center Bocce Ball Dream Team

Community Outings
Involvement in the community is an integral aspect of the Adult Day Programs. Each week, adult participants have the opportunity to go out into the community for a variety of activities. Adults and staff may spend their time volunteering with other worthy causes such as the Atlanta Hospital Hospitality House, Project Open Hand and Meals on Wheels. Adults may also take this time to visit the circus, bowling alleys, restaurants, seasonal festivals and celebrations, local parks and shopping malls.

Adult participant employees of Home Depot

Selmaan, Alicia, and Brandon arrive for their first day of training as new Home Depot employees.

 Supportive Employment
An equally essential aspect of the Adult Program is our commitment to providing Supportive Employment opportunities for those participants interested. Through our Employment Specialist and Job Coach, our Frazer staff meets with individuals and their respective caregivers and family members to identify the individual’s passion, talents and goals in order to best place participants in opportunities of employment throughout the community. Our Adult Participants are currently working at a variety of businesses, including Home Depot, Panera Bread Company, Salon Red, and more.