Adult Program FAQ

What is the application process to enroll in the program, and how long does the process take?

  • The first step is to complete our online application forms. Once we receive your application, and determine the eligibility for our program, we will contact you to set up a tour of our center. After the tour, you will be notified when a spot becomes available. This can take up to several months, depending on whether we have a spot available at the time.

How do adult participants pay for the Adult Program at the Frazer Center?

  • Medicaid Waiver

How do I apply for a Medicaid Waiver?

Contact the Region 3 Office of DBHDD at 770-414-3052

What are the hours for the Adult Program?

General activities take place between 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM, but our doors open at 8:00 AM. Adult participants can stay as late as 4:00 PM, but after 4:00 PM there is a $15 surcharge.

How are adult participants transported to and from the Adult Program at the Frazer Center?

There are several transportation options:

  • MARTA (see the MARTA website for an application)
  • STSI (state-funded transportation)
  • Private Transportation

Do adult participants choose their daily activities?

Yes! Our adult program follows a person-centered-choice philosophy.

What are the lunch options?

Participants can bring their own lunch and use the Center’s refrigerators and microwaves.

What kind of supports does the Adult Program provide?

Our staff provides feeding assistance and toilet assistance, and we also have an LPN on-site to administer medications and provide medical assistance.

What if I have a question that is not addressed here?

Contact Dawn Hawkins Johnson, Director of Adult Programs, at and we will be happy to provide additional information you may require.