Child Development Program

Our Child Development Program is NAEYC accredited and recognized in the community as a high quality, inclusive program serving children six weeks to five years old. Our educational environment consists of children with varying abilities, reflecting the natural composition of the community at large. All children benefit from being in a supportive, challenging and stimulating environment with instruction that addresses their individual uniqueness and developmental stages. Children without special needs are provided an opportunity to develop a realistic view of children with disabilities and an appreciation for those differences while engaging in peer tutoring and strengthening their own skills.

An additional benefit of the program is the early identification or confirmation of developmental delays in children, which are often not recognized until later by the family or pediatrician; thus, delaying the intervention process. Recently, there has been a high enrollment of children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders. Since the diagnosis of autism has no specific lab test, the Center’s competent, trained staff has played a crucial role in the early identification and intervention for these children. Our Child Development Program addresses the social, educational and developmental needs of all children so they are ready for kindergarten, with a specific emphasis on preparing the children with special needs to be mainstreamed.

Expedition Room OutsideRooted in research-based practices of early childhood development, each child is assessed through an individual portfolio, demonstrating the developmental growth of every child as they progress through our program. Since 2009, we have enjoyed a partnership with the Atlanta Speech School through which our teachers are provided supplemental training in language and literacy pedagogies.

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