Rental Information

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The Garden season runs from March through December. The beautiful Atrium space is available year round. All rentals
have a ‘Total Hours of Access’ listed with the day, additional hours may be purchased as late as one month before the
scheduled event date and must be approved by the venue before purchase.




*Note: These times are set by DeKalb County and are non-negotiable.

The Frazer Center’s hours of operation are Monday-Friday 7:00am-6:00pm. If the desired event time is during this time and will involve more than 30 guests, please coordinate alternative parking arrangements off-site. For events held Monday-Friday, with self-parking guest count above 30 guests, events can start as early as 6:30pm, allowing employees to vacate the parking lot, freeing up parking spaces for event guests.



(ONLY amplified spoken word is permitted after ceremony until 8pm, Mon-Sat, and 7pm on Sun.)

  • Accommodates up to 180 people
  • Series of outdoor “rooms” surrounded by manicured lawns and picturesque gardens
  • Grand Ceremony Lawn encompassed by vibrant flowers, trellis, and colonnade
  • Tents: 30′ x 45′ white tent with two chandeliers and three fans and adjacent 20’ x 20’ white tent with globe string lights; provides perfect location for cocktails, bar/buffet set-up, or seating dinner for up to 75 guests
  • Slated Patio with globe string lights and copper topped wooden posts with hanging coconut
    lined baskets
  • Pavilion/Bridal Suite: indoor air-conditioned space for up to 25 people, original marble structure, newly renovated, includes two oversized restrooms, wood floors, and several full-size mirrors. Also perfect for bridal/baby showers and smaller corporate meetings or gatherings
  • East Lawn: perfect for lawn games or picnics
  • Bathhouse: air-conditioned, updated with four women’s and four men’s restrooms
  • Circular Paved Courtyard with Cator Woolford’s original mansion and grand Italian Staircase as backdrop; perfect for dinner set-up for up to 180 guests


(Amplified music and amplified spoken word permitted until 9p Mon.-Thurs., 10p Fri. & Sat., 7p Sun.)

  • 3,000 square feet of air-conditioned indoor space, with floor-to-ceiling windows filling the room with natural light, vaulted ceilings with chandeliers on dimmers, and globe string lights available
  • Beautiful mosaic mural by famed artist Athos Menaboni made with glass from Murano, Italy
  • Stone-ledged planter running length of Atrium
  • Accommodates 150 people seated (may vary depending on set-up)
  • Accommodates 180 people for ceremony or cocktail/dancing reception


  • Eight 72″ Round Tables (Atrium only)
  • Twenty 60″ Round Tables
  • Ten 48″ Round Tables
  • Fourteen 6′ Banquet Tables
  • Two 8′ Banquet Tables
  • Eight 32″ Round Highboy Tables
  • 180 White Resin Folding Chairs (For use in the Gardens only)
  • 180 White Wooden Folding Chairs (For use in the Atrium only)


  • Complimentary self-parking for up to 90 vehicles
  • Events held in the Gardens include a complimentary shuttle service via stretch club carts with drivers to escort guests between the parking lot and gardens
  • If desired event time is held Monday-Friday between 9:00am-6:00pm and will involve more than 30 guests, please coordinate alternative parking arrangements off-site
  • Small parking lot, located in the Gardens, will be reserved for handicapped guests
  • The Vendor Lot, located between Gardens and the Atrium, is reserved for vendors


  • Two Dekalb County Police officers (included in fee) are hired by CWG and are on site at every event where alcohol is served, for the protection of guests, clients, and staff.

CWG Site Managers

  • Cator Woolford Gardens (CWG) provides adequate staffing with all rentals. The purpose of the staff is to ensure a safe and smooth event.
  • Preparation of the site and coordination with Lessee and vendors to gain access to site
  • Setting up chairs for ceremonies and assisting caterer in moving the chairs following the ceremony if necessary.
  • CWG will place the requested tables and chairs in general location of desired set-up. (Catering is responsible for the set-up/breakdown of all tables and chairs.)
  • Monitoring the grounds and restrooms during the event and attempting to solve or remedy any problems concerning the facility or equipment that has been rented from CWG.
  • Site Managers are NOT EXPECTED to: Coordinate or direct the wedding/event, or assist vendors with set-up or break-down of their equipment.


Cator Woolford Gardens (CWG) is a large and unique place to host an event. For weddings, CWG requires Lessee to have a professional planner or at least a professional day-of coordinator. Ceremonies and receptions run much more smoothly when a wedding planner/coordinator is hired. A list of wedding/event planners is available upon request.


A Final Walk Through is held 30 days prior to an event. This will include the Lessee, CWG Rental Office, Catering Representative, Event/Wedding Coordinator, as well as any other vendors who wish to join the meeting. At this time we will go over all details of the event, such as the layout, rain plan, and vendor information. This hour is meant to ensure that everyone has a clear shared understanding of the event details so the event will be executed flawlessly.


Lessee selects the caterer from the Preferred Caterers List for all food served at the event. The caterers on this list have all completed countless events at CWG, know the facility very well, and have had an extremely high satisfaction rate from clients. Please see CWG Preferred Caterers List for contact information. CWG reserves the right to deny any caterer at CWG’s discretion.


The Lessee provides all alcohol for their event. All alcohol must be served by a licensed bartender, provided by the caterer. Cator Woolford Gardens reserves the right to close all bars should the Site Manager deem it necessary to protect the facility and safety of individuals. Bar service must end 30 minutes prior to the end of event time. Staff will ask guests not to carry drinks to the parking lot when leaving. Bartenders will be professional and will obey the laws pertaining to the serving of alcoholic beverages.


Smoking is NOT permitted in the buildings or under tents. CWG will provide cigarette disposal receptacles in specified locations in the Gardens. At the Atrium, there is a designated smoking area located on the north side of the building. Smoking is NOT permitted in the courtyard, located on the south side of the Atrium, in front of the Atrium, or in the parking lot.


The bridal party may use the Pavilion, located in the gardens, as a changing area before the ceremony begins. All personal belongings must be taken out of the Pavilion prior to guests moving to the Atrium as the Gardens will be cleaned up, locked, and not accessible once the event has moved to the Atrium. Groomsmen can use the Resource Library at the Frazer Center as a holding or changing area prior to ceremony.


  • All fees and costs associated with ALL vendors are the sole responsibility of the Lessee
  • All companies must carry proof of insurance, applicable health certificates, and local business licenses
  • Vendors will not be allowed on the site except during the Event Rental Period
  • The Lessee is responsible for all vendors and their adherence to CWG rules
  • CWG reserves the right to approve all such vendors
  • Each vendor shall be responsible for cleaning all areas used by the vendor and for removing all equipment
  • No such equipment may be stored or left on the premises of the Gardens without prior approval of the CWG Rental Office


  • Amplified music is NOT allowed in the Gardens after ceremony. Speakers used during ceremony must be placed at designated locations determined by CWG Rental Office, facing west. Ceremony music must not exceed 70 decibels measured 10 feet from the speakers.
  • Only non-amplified music is allowed in the gardens after ceremony and for all other types of events. Non-amplified music is defined as any instrument not requiring a speaker/amplifier and approved by the CWG Rental Office 30 days prior to event. All non-amplified music must remain within sound shell located in the 3o’ x 45′ tent.
  • Amplified spoken word is allowed in the gardens until 8:00pm Monday–Saturday and 7:00pm on Sunday. All speakers must remain within sound shell located in the 3o’ x 45′ tent.
  • The CWG Site Manager reserves the right to require the volume level to be reduced if it is determined that volume exceeds the limits set by DeKalb County.
  • Amplified music is allowed in the indoor space, the Atrium, within a reasonable decibel level.
  • CWG Rental office reserves the right to approve all entertainment vendors and suppliers.
  • CWG does offer a PA system to rent for $250. When CWG PA system is rented, the Site Manager will set up the system in the ceremony lawn or sound shell (for spoken word) and conduct a sound check prior to the event. The Site Manager or CWG staff is not responsible for running equipment after sound check. The PA System available includes:
    • Garden PA System: 2 lapel microphones, 1 wireless handheld microphone, 2 speakers, and a 1/8 jack for iPod/Laptop.
    • Atrium PA System: 2 microphones, 2 speakers, iPod connection, and 14 channels/inputs.


  • The Lessee is responsible for all decorating and special effects for the event, within the following guidelines:
    • Celebration of departure or farewell of the couple must take place inside the Atrium. No farewells are allowed outside.
    • Flower petals (real petals only), lavender, or bubbles may be used to celebrate the departure of the couple.
    • Rice, sparklers, confetti, glitter, fog machines, and birdseed are not permitted.
    • No nails, stakes, or similar objects may be placed or inserted in or on any column, building, staircase, or other structure of the facility located in the Gardens.
    • Hanging signs/banners on the exterior of buildings, on fences, or in the gardens is not permitted. Signs placed on Ponce de Leon Avenue must be removed at the end of the event.


All arrangements for the delivery, set-up, and breakdown of rented items (dance floor, podiums, plants, linens, etc.) must be cleared in advance with the CWG Rental Office. Any unscheduled deliveries will be refused. Vendors are asked to use the Atrium door closest to the Kitchen for any drop-offs or load-outs of rental equipment.


Additional time may be rented but must first be approved by the CWG Rental Office. Please refer to the Rental Pricing chart at the beginning of this page to determine the per-hour cost. Please keep in mind that the event rental timeframe needs to include all set-up and breakdown of the event. Payment for additional rental time shall be due at least one week prior to the event. The CWG reserves the right to insist that all guests and vendors leave the facility at the agreed-upon time.


The individual leasing CWG is fully responsible for any damages that occur during an event. CWG requires proof of insurance for general liability coverage in the minimum amount of $300,000/$100,000 (bodily injury/property damage). An often utilized company that offers this coverage is


At the time of booking your event, CWG requires that a copy of a major credit card be given and kept in your file. This card will be billed only if needed in the event of damages, overtime or any charges that may occur due to breach of contract. This secures the obligation of Lessee to leave the gardens in a clean and orderly condition.


In order to reserve the facility for an event, CWG requires a non-refundable deposit equal to 50% of the total event rental fee, as well as a completed Rental Agreement, including Terms and Conditions. A confirmation packet will be sent to you including a confirmation letter and other vital information related to your event. A confirmation letter can only be made by the CWG Rental Office. Submitting a Rental Agreement including terms and conditions and deposit does not constitute confirmation, nor does verbal confirmation over the telephone by any person related to Cator Woolford Gardens. Your event date is not confirmed until you receive a confirmation letter. If the date of agreement is changed, a new letter must be issued. Any requests for changes or cancellations after receiving the confirmation letter must be made in writing and sent to Cator Woolford Gardens. Cator Woolford Gardens is not obligated to approve any alternate date or conditions.