Meet Our DSP of the Month

Larry H with DSP of the Month June Wilson

Frazer Center’s Adult Program is beginning a new employee recognition program. The Direct Support Professional of the Month is chosen for their professionalism, person-centered planning, quality community outings, thorough documentation, attendance, and general work ethic. Our Direct Support Professionals not only assist people with disabilities in their daily activities, they help provide empowerment, independence, and inclusion to all the adults they serve.

Our September DSP of the Month is June Wilson.

June has worked at the Frazer Center since 2011, and many of our Adult Program participants have come to rely on her quiet, consistently caring demeanor. Larry H. says about her, “If you need a person to talk to, she’s great. She is a sweet person. She’s fun to be around.”  Meshelle says, “She helps calm my nerves down. She helps me count to ten.”

Angel White, Frazer’s Compliance and Quality Assurance Specialist, says that June is “very creative. She uses simple, everyday objects to create art projects” with the participants. June and fellow DSP Erica Crenshaw have also been working on a gardening project in our courtyard garden. “I like to water plants with her,” says Robin. “And she helps me do math.”

Before moving to Atlanta, June was a nursing assistant in upstate New York. She grew up in Guyana in South America where her family had a farm. She got most of her gardening skills from her father. She also learned how to sew from her sister who is a seamstress. June is planning on sharing that skill at Frazer by starting a sewing class for our adult participants. One sewing machine has already been donated, but June would love to have six.

June loves her job. “It makes me feel good to help somebody who really needs help. That makes me happy,” she says. “They make me smile. They make my day.” And by the way the adult participants light up when they talk about her, it’s fair to say that she makes their day too.

Kim showing off the Dallas Cowboys pillow that June helped her make

Priscilla tending the vegetable garden, with June’s guidance

(L-R) Meshelle, June, DSP Erica, and Kathren reaping the rewards of the garden