New Partnerships with Marcus Autism Center and Adaptive Learning Center

New partnerships this fall with the Marcus Autism Center and the Adaptive Learning Center will broaden and deepen the support Frazer Center provides to our children and their teachers.

Susie Riddick, Assistant Director of Child Development Programs, will participate in two different programs facilitated by The Marcus Center, each with a focus on social communication skills and classroom support for children between 9-36 months of age. Susie will share specific strategies that our teachers can use in the classroom.

The Adaptive Learning Center (ALC) will provide developmental observations during enrollment when it is determined that additional information would benefit a child’s experience at the Frazer Center. This important new step in the enrollment process will be an ongoing service available through the ALC.

ALC Inclusion Consultants will work in four of our Older Toddler, Preschool, and Pre-K classrooms. The Inclusion Consultants will promote a collaborative team approach, coordinating with teachers, parents, and therapists, in working with children identified with special needs and providing appropriate teaching interventions and “hands-on” training to classroom teachers.

These meaningful partnerships are possible thanks to a 3-year grant from the Goizueta Foundation. As we pilot this program with the Adaptive Learning Center, we are working together to develop funding strategies which will allow us to expand and sustain these services in the future.

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