Off the Ground with Atlanta Ballet

Our pas de deux with Atlanta Ballet is off the ground! Twelve participants in our Adult Program are jumping at the chance to take dance classes twice a week at Atlanta Ballet’s Centre for Dance Education. Some have studied dance before, some have not. After the first week, some said it was hard but they love it. Others are challenged by certain moves, but as one participant said, “I got over it.” One who had taken ballet in the past is more comfortable expressing herself physically than verbally. When asked what she thought of the ballet class, she clapped as her face lit up. Another said it was a lot of exercise, but she knows it will help make her stronger. The general consensus is THUMBS UP!

Taylor, the instructor, has been looking forward to starting these classes too. She has worked with children with special needs but not adults, and it’s something she has wanted to do for a while now. She was as excited as her students to make the leap!

This new partnership between the two organizations is thanks to the Collaborative Innovation Grant, an invitation-only competition for nonprofits in the Building Community Network, led by Georgia Center for Nonprofits and The Home Depot Foundation. This annual grant program catalyzes “collaborative action among Atlanta’s top nonprofit organizations,” and requires two organizations with different focus areas to apply together.

Both organizations were eager to collaborate. In addition to taking classes, Frazer’s Adult Program participants will have the opportunity to volunteer with Atlanta Ballet’s costume shop, and plans are afoot for Frazer to host outdoor performances by Atlanta Ballet’s second company, Atlanta Ballet 2. Stay tuned here for plans as they développé!