Our Very Own Author/Teacher

We are super proud of Frazer Center teacher Kim Crockett-Corson, author of the adorable children’s book My Good Morning.

Written in rhyming couplets, My Good Morning features an independent little girl getting ready to face her day. Kim’s inspiration for her leading lady is her own daughter, “who almost always wants to do everything by herself even if the result is incorrect, incomplete or worse yet, a fiasco,” says Kim. “My daughter is so bright and creative in so many ways that there is no way I couldn’t be inspired. My husband, Pete Corson, is very proud of my accomplishment and I am extremely thankful to him for his support in helping to bring this story to the public.”

Kim is starting her second year with the Frazer Center. She is the Teaching Assistant in the Farm Room with the “terrific TWOS!”

Kim stays busy between work and family life, but she is kicking around ideas for her second book. She’s also trying to carve out time for some of her favorite pastimes: yoga, reading, and ballroom dancing. She hopes to learn American Sign Language as well. (Any ASL teachers want to grab a cup of coffee with her???)

You can meet Kim at Barnes & Noble for storytime on Tuesday, September 5th at 11 am, and Thursday, September 7th at 11 am.