The CARE Committee August Teacher of the Month Is…

Congratulations to Ms. Deidre for being selected as our CARE Committee “Teacher of the Month”

The CARE Committee knows that teachers are the heart and soul of every school and takes great pride in recognizing our incredible teachers here at the Frazer Center, through the voices of the parents.


Here are some of the things the parents said about Ms. Deidre:
  • Deidre is awesome! She always puts up with 1000 questions at the end of the day and keeps me well informed about my son’s activities. She truly loves the kids and it shows!
  • Deidre is a kind and caring teacher in Rainbow! Each day when we pick up our son, she tells us how he is growing and developing into a unique individual. She always shares fun stories about his day or how his skills are progressing. We really enjoy our afternoon interactions with Deidre, who has such a laid back, happy, and positive attitude. We think Deidre is the best!
  • All year Ms. Deidre has been friendly, warm, caring and kind. She always makes time to tell stories and provide little details about the kids’ day, which are so fun to hear. Her welcoming smile is a great way to start or end any school day. We’re so grateful for her!
  • Deidre has been such a joy to know this year. She is so warm and loving with the children, and we truly could not have asked for a more wonderful person to nurture our little ones. She is always cheerful, patient, caring, and highly competent in handling every situation. My son said “Dee Da” before he said “Mama,” and hugs her about five times before leaving school every day!! She is a real star and so gifted with children. Frazer Center is very lucky to have her!
  • Deidre seems to have an endless supply of love and patience. She does so much to make sure that the children are stimulated to learn and are shown a lot of affection too. You can tell that she really loves what she does and puts her all into caring for the children. Our little one hates to say goodbye to Deidre at the end of the day!
  • Ms. Deidre  is unflappable. She remains calm and collected even in the most stressful situations, and she does it with a warm, genuine smile and an authentically caring attitude towards the children, parents, and her co-workers. She is amazing!
Congrats again, Ms. Deidre! And if you see her around the center, be sure to wish her “Congratulations!” Deidre, we hope you enjoy your $25 gift certificate, and we all look forward to seeing you in the hallways in your brand new, bright yellow “Teacher of the Month Winner” t-shirt!


Does your child have a teacher who goes above and beyond?
Our selection committee carefully selects the winner based on quality–not quantity–of votes.  Please take a minute to tell us a story of what your teacher has done for you and your children by dropping a note in the nominations box by the computer sign-in station or filling out this online form.