The CARE Committee March Teacher of the Month Is…

Congratulations to Ms. Taylor Allen for being selected as our March CARE Committee “Teacher of the Month!”  The CARE Committee knows that teachers are the heart and soul of every school, and takes great pride in recognizing our incredible teachers here at the Frazer Center, through the voices of the parents.

Ms. Taylor is Assistant Teacher in the Rainforest classroom. Here are some of the things the parents said about her:

“She’s seriously the best. She communicates so clearly about the events of our kid’s day—has great observations, insights, and ideas. Our kid loves her. She is a total superstar!”

“Ms. Taylor is always so happy and knowledgeable. All the kids love her, and she knows each of their favorite things and traits that make them unique. Ms. Taylor also goes above and beyond. When my son lost his favorite lovie outside at Frazer, she used her 15-minute break to go ask the grounds crew if they’d seen it. She came into an imperfect situation, with me, and has made such a difference already. Both my son and I look forward to seeing her every day!”

“Whenever I pick my child up, Ms. Taylor has a story about a new thing he said or did that day. She is always paying attention to how my child is learning and growing, and trying to help him learn more. She recognizes and encourages my child’s individuality. She loves being with the children and watching them grow.”

“Taylor has been an asset to Rainforest from day one. Not only does she genuinely enjoy the children, she is on top of all of the daily administrative stuff. Pick-up can be a hectic time, but she always knows where the daily sheets are and the details of our child’s day, all while managing our active toddlers. Our child loves Taylor, and we feel so lucky to have her in the Rainforest class. She helps keep things running smoothly and is a strong member of an amazing team of teachers. I can’t sing her praises loudly enough!”

Congrats again, Ms. Taylor! And if you see her around the center, be sure to wish her “Congratulations!” Ms. Taylor, we hope you enjoy your $25 gift certificate, and we all look forward to seeing you in the hallways in your brand new, bright yellow “Teacher of the Month Winner” t-shirt!

Our selection committee carefully selects the winner based on quality—not quantity—of votes. Please take a minute to tell us a story of what your teacher has done for you and your children by dropping a note in the nominations box by the computer sign-in station or filling out this online form.