The CARE Committee November Teacher of the Month Is…

Congratulations to Ms. Kim Brown for being selected as our November CARE Committee “Teacher of the Month!”  The CARE Committee knows that teachers are the heart and soul of every school, and takes great pride in recognizing our incredible teachers here at The Frazer Center, through the voices of the parents.

Here are some of the things the parents said about Ms. Kim:

“Kim is such a creative teacher. She plans wonderful activities for our children—things that I would never dream up to do at home! She is also great about organizing information thematically so the children are understanding new words and concepts within a larger framework. She does a wonderful job communicating with our class through a weekly newsletter that includes great photos and captions as well as a summary of special activities and themes for that week. She is a consummate professional and is very mature and thoughtful about sharing her insights and perspective on various issues relating to child development.”

“She is very thoughtful—she saw the potential to steer our child toward becoming a helper in the classroom because she had a sense that he would flourish in that role. We see our son thriving under her care and direction, and we are so grateful!”

“Ms. Kim is very kind and caring. This has been our son’s first experience in school and we haven’t had to worry one bit. We are so thankful to have Ms. Kim in his life!”

“Ms. Kim is awesome! Always coming up with creative activities for the children and sends out the cutest picture collages every Friday. Our daughter always runs in so excited to be there. We love Ms. Kim!”

“Ms. Kim did a remarkable job in helping to transition our son to the Frazer Center. Our then 16-month-old had never attended an out-of-home daycare setting and it was a rough transition with lots of tears. Needless to say, Kim was incredibly patient, warm, and nurturing. She would greet us with a smile every morning and assured us that our son was doing great during the day. I can’t say that our son is ever thrilled to watch us leave the classroom in the morning, but I know that he is in the best hands with Ms. Kim and the rest of the phenomenal team in Tree Top.”

Congrats again, Ms. Kim! And if you see her around the center, be sure to wish her “Congratulations!”  Ms. Kim, we hope you enjoy your $25 gift certificate, and we all look forward to seeing you in the hallways in your brand new, bright yellow “Teacher Of The Month Winner” t-shirt!

Our selection committee carefully selects the winner based on quality—not quantity—of votes.  Please take a minute to tell us a story of what your teacher has done for you and your children by dropping a note in the nominations box by the computer sign-in station or filling out this online form.
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