The CARE Committee October Teacher of the Month Is…

Congratulations to Ms. Gillian for being selected as our October CARE Committee “Teacher of the Month!”  The CARE Committee knows that teachers are the heart and soul of every school and takes great pride in recognizing our incredible teachers here at The Frazer Center through the voices of the parents.

Here are some of the things the parents said about Ms. Gillian:

“She is wonderful! Ms. Gillian has been the calming personality in a room of 2-year-old chaos for the last year and a half now and we are so thankful! Every day that she is there the kids are much happier and the entire room in the afternoon is calm.”

“She is the teacher that we always count on to welcome our daughter to school every day, and she is always on the floor interacting with the kids. She always comes up with all kinds of fun art projects, and over the last two years she has taught the kids more songs and nursery rhymes than my husband and I know.”

“In the afternoon she keeps the kids going until the last minute, and it never seems like an inconvenience to get an in-depth daily rundown from her. We love Ms. Gilly and are SOO thankful she is in Pollywog.

“All the teachers are great, but Ms. Gilly deserves a special mention for always putting the kids first and providing a great environment for our kids to learn.”

“Ms. Gilly is such a calm and lovely teacher! She genuinely cares about each of the children and provides a loving environment. She is really creative and always has the kids trying new crafts. She provides discipline but in a very constructive and loving way. She is an amazing asset to the class.”

Congrats again, Ms. Gillian! And if you see her around the center, be sure to wish her “Congratulations!” Gillian, we hope you enjoy your $25 gift certificate, and we all look forward to seeing you in the hallways in your brand new, bright yellow “Teacher of the Month Winner” t-shirt!


Our selection committee carefully selects the winner based on quality–not quantity–of votes.  Please take a minute to tell us a story of what your teacher has done for you and your children by dropping a note in the nominations box by the computer sign-in station or filling out this online form.