The CARE Committee Teachers of the Month

Congratulations to Ms. Cathy Morgan-Davenport and Ms. Karimata Balde for being selected as our CARE Committee Teachers of the Month! The CARE Committee knows that teachers are the heart and soul of every school, and takes great pride in recognizing our incredible teachers here at the Frazer Center, through the voices of the parents.

Ms. Cathy, Lead Teacher, Ocean

Ms. Cathy is Lead Teacher in the Ocean classroom. Here are some of the things parents said about her:

“She has been such a wonderful teacher so far this year and was just what my daughter needed. After just one day in Ocean my daughter was back to being the sweet, curious three-year-old that had disappeared the last few months in an older toddler classroom.”

“Ms. Cathy does a great job engaging all the students all the time and still acknowledging the parents. At drop-off, my daughter loves to go in and see what Ms. Cathy has them working on which makes drop-off a dream. She is welcoming to everyone and always positive. I have never seen her without a smile on her face or a joyful welcome.”

Ms. Karimata, Lead Teacher, Sunshine

Ms. Karimata is Lead Teacher in the Sunshine classroom. Here are some of the things parents said about her:

“Ms. Karimata is a shining light at Frazer. She is such a calming presence and we are so happy that she is watching over our daughter every day.”

“She is kind, special, and so loving with the children. All of the parents in her class feel so calm knowing that Ms. Karimata is watching over their kids.”

“She is such a gift, and the Frazer family is lucky to have her.”

Congrats again, Ms. Cathy and Ms. Karimata! And if you see them around the center, be sure to wish them “Congratulations!” Cathy and Karimata, we hope you enjoy your $25 gift certificate, and we all look forward to seeing you in the hallways in your brand new, bright yellow “Teacher of the Month Winner” t-shirt!

Our selection committee carefully selects the winner based on quality—not quantity—of votes. Please take a minute to tell us a story of what your teacher has done for you and your children by dropping a note in the nominations box by the computer sign-in station or filling out this online form.