Help Atlanta Win the City Nature Challenge 2019!

City Nature Challenge 2019

April 26–April 29, 2019

Atlanta has joined the world-wide City Nature Challenge, thanks to our neighbor, Fernbank Museum of Natural History, which is leading the effort on behalf of Atlanta. Frazer Center is partnering with Fernbank, and that means YOU get to help put our “City in the Forest” on the geo-map!

This friendly competition began in 2016 between San Francisco and Los Angeles as a fun way to raise awareness around urban biodiversity. Now cities around the world are joining in the fun, and we couldn’t resist participating. We hope you’ll want to play along!

The event takes place Friday–Monday, April 26–April 29, 2019. With the help of the iNaturalist app, participants will go out into a natural setting to make observations of flora and fauna, take photos, and upload them onto the app. The city with the most observations over the 4-day weekend wins.

Participants are encouraged to go ahead and get the iNaturalist app and become familiar with it in advance. All photos uploaded onto iNaturalist are time/date-stamped, so only those taken during the event weekend will apply to the contest. 

“Our goal is to connect people to nature while they help contribute to urban biodiversity data. Atlanta is biologically diverse and by crowd sourcing data, citizen scientists can help give valuable insight into what specifically calls Atlanta home. Over time this data can help researchers see trends and identify at-risk species or potentially find new populations of threatened species.” —Fernbank

Frazer's Child Development Program and Adult Program participants will be participating on the Friday and Monday of the event. We hope families and neighbors will also participate during the weekend, wherever you may be in the Atlanta area. The Frazer grounds will be open that Saturday from sunup until 12pm but otherwise closed for events and reopening on Monday at sunup. It's a great excuse to take advantage of any number of Atlanta's urban forested areas, parks, or even your own backyard. 

For more details about the event, visit the Fernbank site.

Join the Facebook event here.

Visit the Atlanta iNaturalist project here.

Download the iNaturalist tutorial brochure here.

Download the iNaturalist Guide here.

City Nature Challenge Sponsors: California Academy of Sciences; Natural History Museum LA County