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We Can’t Wait for a Living Wage

The pandemic is shining a bright light on the profound and essential work that Frazer Center front-line staff do for young children and adults with disabilities every single day. 

Our staff has done this work even through the uncertainty of COVID-19, many while raising their own children and providing care for their own family members. 

We are proud of Frazer’s health and safety record throughout the pandemic, but none of that would have been possible without the courage and strength of our direct support professionals and teachers who have shown up, day after day, for the adults and children in our care. 

In the early stages of the pandemic, our front-line staff pitched in whenever and wherever they were needed. When the Adult Services program was closed, staff members contributed to the Child Development Program by providing extra sanitizing of high-touch areas throughout the day. They pitched in to help with carpool drop-off and pick-up which required temperature checks and health questions of every family.  

Throughout this ongoing pandemic, front-line staff is stepping up—for Frazer, for the children and adults we support, and our entire community. 

Frazer has always known how essential our front-line staff is. Without them, there is no Frazer Center. No doubt, communities across the country value their early childhood educators and direct support professionals for the services they provide. 

But for far too long, the industry standard salaries have not reflected the value of these essential workers. And now, nation-wide, these industries are in a hiring crisis. 

“Crisis” is no exaggeration. We are feeling it very directly here at Frazer. We have been operating under capacity, primarily because we are understaffed. Our dedicated team is stressed and exhausted. 

We can’t wait.

Knowing how extraordinary our direct care professionals are, knowing how much courage and faith they demonstrate every single day, and with an eye towards attracting new qualified candidates, Frazer Center leadership believes it is far past time for our front-line staff to get a living wage. 

On August 30, the Board of Directors of Frazer Center unanimously approved a $15/hour minimum wage for Frazer Center staff to go into effect on September 6—Labor Day.

This increases our costs by nearly $250,000, but it’s a commitment we must make to the people who are directly and profoundly impacting the lives of not only the children and adults we serve, but the families who depend on our services. 

Sustaining this living wage now becomes our challenge. 

Our board of directors and senior leadership are working creatively, bringing everything to the table to create a 3-year sustainability plan to ensure that Frazer Center staff receive fair wages from this point forward.  

So we’re tightening our belts, and leaving no stone unturned—not just for the sake of our own staff, but for what we hope becomes an industry-wide sea change in both the disabilities and early education arenas. 

We can’t wait for a federal minimum wage mandate.

We have a moral imperative.

We are taking action now.  


► IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO JOIN OUR TEAM, VISIT HERE. *Please note that some salary updates are still being made to our job postings on Indeed, but starting hourly positions are $15/hr.