Meet Chrystyan Williams, Instructional Coordinator

Chrystyan Williams has joined the Frazer team as Instructional Coordinator and Pre-K Director in our Child Development Program (CDP). 

Chrystyan Williams, Instructional Coordinator & Pre-K Director
Chrystyan Williams, Instructional Coordinator & Pre-K Director

In her role at Frazer, Chrystyan supports the teachers by providing resources and materials, by collaborating on classroom management techniques, efficiency, system building, and integrating standards into lesson plans.

“I find so much joy in getting to know each teacher,” says Chrystyan. “We’re joining forces. I get ideas from them, and we learn from each other.”

Chrystyan is originally from Georgia, but she came to Frazer Center by way of Florida. She studied at the University of South Florida in Tampa where she earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Early Childhood Education, and her Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction with a concentration in Early Childhood Education.

She spent a few years as a preschool teacher in Tampa, and she loved being in the classroom until she felt like “I outgrew my pot.” Once the pandemic began and she saw other teachers becoming deflated, she knew she was ready to branch out. “I wanted to help other teachers, to help rejuvenate and inspire them.” 

She also knew she was ready to return to Georgia to be closer to family. So she found Frazer Center’s job posting and applied.

“We knew immediately that she would be a good fit,” says CDP Director Susie Riddick. “Not only does she bring a wealth of education and experience, but she’s such a joyous person.”

Part of that joyous nature seems to come from her own curiosity and sense of wonder—about people, about learning, and perhaps especially about books. She craves “the presence of books.” Chrystyan knows how important it is for all children to see themselves in books, and she’s passionate about teachers “using books as creative launchpads” in the classroom. 

The first thing that struck Chrystyan about Frazer was our culture of inclusion. “It’s so hard to find children of differing abilities working together. When I saw Frazer’s website, I knew this is exactly where I want to be, where I’m needed. AND I get to share books!”

Now that she’s here and getting to know the teachers and their classrooms, she is struck by how inviting the culture is, and how accepting and aware the children are. If a therapist comes in to provide support for one child, the other children just “recognize that person as part of the classroom. That acceptance is cultivated.”

The forest environment is an added benefit to Chrystyan. Like most people when they drive onto the campus for the first time, she was overcome by the beauty of the forest canopy. Now she grabs every chance she gets to join classrooms in their outdoor explorations. 

When Chrystyan is not at Frazer she loves—what else?—to read! Fiction, non-fiction, anthologies, poetry, plays. She is also teaching herself how to play the ukulele, and she dabbles at the piano.

“I am very fulfilled,” says Chrystyan. “Frazer feels like a perfect match.” 

That’s music to Frazer’s ears!

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