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What is Frazer Center doing to help keep my child safe?


An overview of our health and safety protocols during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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We’re all in this together.

Frazer Center is committed to doing everything possible to ensure that the children in our Child Development Program and our School Age Program—as well as our staff—stay safe and healthy.

Frazer has implemented a vaccine mandate for all staff. We continue to monitor the latest information around the COVID-19 pandemic, and we follow guidance from the CDC, Dekalb Public Health, Georgia Department for Early Care and Learning (DECAL), and our own Parent Advisory Committee comprised of medical and epidemiological experts with children enrolled in Frazer’s Child Development Program.

Below is an overview of the steps we take to keep our community safe.

If you have further questions, please contact CDP Interim Director Pam McClure at



● All staff and all visiting staff (eg. therapists, substitute teachers) are required to be fully vaccinated and boosted. 



● Each classroom is considered a cohort. 

● Cohorts do not intermingle.

● Teachers incorporate outdoor learning in Frazer Forest as frequently as possible.

● Cohorts have two playground sessions daily, weather conditions permitting.

● All staff are asked to follow social-distancing guidelines, on AND off site.



General Guidelines:
● Stay six feet away from others as a normal practice.

● Eliminate contact with others, such as handshakes, or embracing coworkers, visitors, or friends.

● Avoid touching surfaces touched by others, to the extent feasible.

● Avoid anyone who appears to be sick or who is coughing or sneezing.

Guidelines Specific to Frazer:
● Social distancing is used in areas including but not limited to: hallways, break rooms, common areas, entrance/exit areas of work locations, and offices.

● No more than four people are allowed in the break room and/or resource library at one time. Social distancing is still required.

● It is recommended that the break room be used to heat meals, but that lunch breaks take place outdoors or in the employee’s workspace.

● Only one person at a time may be in the observation rooms.

● Employees must stay six feet from the front desk.

● Use of the front desk phone by employees other than the administrative assistant is limited to “emergency only” and should be disinfected before and after each use.

● Employees are discouraged from using other workers’ phones, desks, offices, or other work tools and equipment when possible. If necessary, those items and areas should be cleaned and disinfected before and after use.



● All employees are required to wear a face mask while on site.

● Reusable masks must be washed daily.

● Frazer Center maintains a supply of disposable KN95 face masks for visitors and staff as needed.

● Shoe covers must be worn in Infant and Young Toddler classrooms. Covers are worn once and discarded when leaving the classroom.

● Infant and Toddler teachers are required to wear a lab coat or scrubs, provided by Frazer Center.

● Scrub jackets are laundered on site daily.

● Universal precautions are followed for all direct physical contact with children and when assisting with cleaning and sanitizing.



● All personal and non-essential visitors and staff are prohibited.

● Daily check-in and check-out of students occurs during specified hours with one parent at a time dropping off and picking up children at the classroom door. 



● Misting sanitizing equipment is used for daily disinfecting of all areas of the facility upon the close of operations. 

● Misting sanitizing equipment is used on playground equipment between each group’s playground session.

● All restrooms are cleaned and disinfected by the facility team twice daily, during operations, in addition to nightly cleaning. 

● Cleaning supplies are available for each employee to clean up after themselves (eg, wiping down sink, handles, etc.)

● Break rooms, door knobs and other frequently touched areas are cleaned throughout hours of  operation.

● Ventilation systems are inspected daily to ensure proper operation and circulation of air.

● Ventilation is increased by exposure to outdoor air as much as possible by opening windows and doors, using fans, and other methods.

● Windows and doors will not be opened if doing so poses a safety or health risk (for example, allowing pollen in or exacerbating asthma symptoms) to children using the facility.

● All water systems and features (for example, drinking fountains) are inspected weekly to ensure safe use to minimize the risk of Legionnaires’ disease and other diseases associated with water.

● EPA-registered household disinfectants are required.

● Multiple hand-sanitizing dispensers are installed, including one outside each classroom.

● Alcohol solutions with at least 70% alcohol are used.



● Deep-Cleaning and Disinfection Protocol is triggered when someone on site is identified as positive for COVID-19 by testing. 

● If it has been 7 days or more since the identified person was in the facility, additional cleaning and disinfection is not necessary. Routine cleaning and disinfecting all high-touch areas continues.

● Areas visited by the identified person are closed off. Outside doors and windows are opened and ventilating fans are used to increase air circulation in the area. 

● Deep cleaning will occur in areas deemed necessary.