Meet Our New CDP Assistant Director, Rekina Jones

Rekina Jones, Assistant Director, Child Development Program

We are thrilled to have Rekina Jones joining the Frazer Center team as Assistant Director of our Child Development Program. She was born in Bavaria, Germany, and lived in several states on the east coast as a “military brat” before the age of 6 when her father retired from the Army. The family settled in Atlanta where both her parents were born and raised. Rekina has lived here ever since, with the exception of her college years.

As a freshman at the University of Georgia, she took a required philosophy class and fell in love with it—the creative thinking it demands, the reflection, the debating. She ended up earning a BA in Philosophy with a minor in both Women’s Studies and Spanish, becoming a first-generation college graduate.

Rekina has worked with several nonprofit organizations that focus on youth academic improvement through programs involving college readiness, character building, and leadership. It was her start as a pre-k teacher, though, that ignited her “passion for being directly involved in the education process of a child’s growth.”

Within the field of education, she has served as Director, Education Director, and Education Outreach Coordinator at both large and small organizations throughout the metro area. She loves collaborating with others to turn ideas into reality, such as developing youth mentor programs, something she has had success with throughout her career.

Rekina with teacher Ms. Kya and one of our newest arrivals

It was her love for that type of interaction, creativity, and sense of community that drew her to Frazer—that and Frazer’s inclusion services. “Inclusion in education is the greatest gift you can give a community and its children,” she says. “The opportunity to learn in a classroom, and experience a true representation of the world—thus providing real-life learning—is ideal. I have not seen it done as elaborately and effectively as the Frazer Center does. On top of that, the teamwork here is great. The Child Development Program is packed full of knowledgeable, caring administrators and staff.”

Susie Riddick, Child Development Director, says it was Rekina’s demeanor that really grabbed her attention. “It was easy to see on paper that Rekina is qualified for the position. But she has a brightness, a lift to her personality. I knew she would be a calm in the storm.”

Perhaps Rekina’s philosophy background is partly to credit for that. “It really opened me to new perspectives and ways of considering things. It taught me that nothing is ever as simple as it may seem. I’m able to question and look at things from a different perspective to help find solutions or to make things better. I use it in my interactions all the time, on a daily basis.”

No doubt this is a skill set that would come in handy in any job situation. We are grateful that Rekina has chosen the Frazer Center.