Frazer Center Child Development Program FAQs
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Frequently Asked Child Development Questions

Is my child eligible for enrollment at the Frazer Center?

Enrollment at the Frazer Center is open to any child age six weeks through five years. Admission priority is given to children with special needs, siblings of currently enrolled children, and the children of staff members. A number of other factors are considered and determine admission of individual children, including but not limited to: date of application; financial aid qualification; developmental, behavioral, and/or medical needs of the child; and philosophic compatibility of parents with the program.

How many of your students have special needs?

Children with identified special needs account for approximately 20 percent of our overall enrollment. The specific percentage of children with special needs varies in each age group and classroom.

Do you only serve children with a specific type of special need?

We serve children with a wide variety of special needs, ranging from physical to cognitive to medical needs. Our staff works with families on a case-by-case basis to determine if enrollment at the Frazer Center is appropriate for their child.

How do you support children with special needs?

Please see our Inclusion Services page for more information.

Do you provide therapy for children with special needs?

We do not provide therapy for the children we serve; however, we do allow therapists to come in to work with the children. We encourage therapists to work with students in their classrooms as much as possible, but for the times when individual sessions are more appropriate, we have two therapy rooms for their convenience.

What curriculum does the Frazer Center use?

The Frazer Center uses The Creative Curriculum® for all age groups in the program. The Creative Curriculum® educational approach has been successfully used with children of all abilities since the 1980s. The Creative Curriculum® bases its educational approach on the idea that all children progress and learn through interactions with the social and physical environment. Based on this idea, an open framework consisting of a set of guiding principles and practices was created for teachers to follow as they work with children of all age levels. This open framework allows teachers the flexibility to adapt the learning environment to the abilities and capacities of the children in their classes. Due to the inclusive nature of the Frazer Center Child Development Program, great care is taken to ensure active and equal participation of all children.

If you would like more information on The Creative Curriculum®, you can visit their website at

Does Frazer have a waiting list? How does it work?

The Center does have a waiting list. If there is no space currently available, filling out an application puts your child on the waiting list. The bulk of our enrollment opportunities are offered each spring; however, there are unique times during the school year when families may have a change in circumstances causing a spot to become available. In such instances, we go to the waiting list to fill vacancies. In late winter, we contact families on the waiting list via email in order to update our records. Families must respond if they wish to remain on the active waiting list.

Is there an application fee?

Yes. There is a $75 non-refundable fee due with your application.

When will I be notified if my child has a spot in your program?

We offer the bulk of our enrollments for an August start date. We will contact you in the spring regarding August enrollments. You will receive communication from us at that time whether or not your child is being offered a space for the fall. Outside of the time frame for August enrollments, we will contact you if a space that fits your needs becomes available throughout the year based on the information on your application.

Do you offer the lottery-funded Georgia’s Pre-Kindergarten program?

Yes, we have two lottery-funded GA Pre-K classes.

How can my child attend GA Pre-K at the Frazer Center?

Each year, applications for the GA Pre-K program are available to families in the community with a child who will be four years old on or before September 1. Applications must be picked up, in person, at the front desk. Information regarding application availability, required documentation, and application deadlines will be available online. Each spring we conduct a lottery and notify families whether or not their child is being offered a spot in GA Pre-K. Though we conduct a lottery, we give priority to children with special needs.

If my child is accepted for enrollment to the Frazer Center at any age younger than 4 years old, will he or she automatically be able to remain at Frazer for GA Pre-K?

Yes. Each year, both of our Preschool classrooms move up to our GA Pre-K program as long as our currently enrolled parents indicate their desire to remain with us.

Do you have a summer camp program?

Yes, our summer camp runs throughout June and July following the end of the Pre-Kindergarten school year. Children who have completed our Pre-K program are eligible to attend. This program is also open to children in the community who are rising kindergarteners and rising 1st-graders. For more information CLICK HERE.