Frazer Forest
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Frazer Forest

Our 39-Acre Hidden Gem in the Heart of Atlanta.


Frazer Center is uniquely positioned. Just turn into our long, winding driveway, and you are instantly immersed in the green, old-growth lushness of Frazer Forest. 

Originally Creek and Cherokee territory, this tract of forest was connected to what is now the Fernbank Forest before Ponce de Leon Avenue existed.

Today, Frazer Forest is a “hidden gem” in the heart of Atlanta that is enjoyed not only by Frazer Center children and adult participants, but by our neighbors in Lake Claire, Druid HIlls, and beyond.


Although Frazer Forest is not a public park, it is open to the public from sunup to sundown. Frazer Center is a steward of the forest, responsible for its restoration and upkeep. We rely heavily on donations and volunteers so that the forest can be enjoyed by all. 

Our 39-acre estate includes the beautiful and historic Cator Woolford Gardens, a wedding and event venue and social enterprise of the Frazer Center. 

If you are planning a visit to the forest and gardens, you might want to check our Cator Woolford Gardens Event Calendar first to see if there is a scheduled event, in which case the grounds will be closed to visitors.


Frazer Center’s Child Development Program takes full advantage of our forest setting. Thanks to grant money from the Ivy Head Family Foundation as well as prize money from a Harvard University competition, our staff is working with Natural Start Alliance, a national organization, as we develop a forest-based, inclusion education curriculum for infants through pre-k students. Our vision is to share this curriculum and the forest with other Atlanta preschools that serve low-income families.


As part of our ongoing forest restoration plan, Frazer Center partners with several community organizations, such as Trees Atlanta and Eco-Addendum. Together, we’re creating a group of dedicated volunteers to help maintain the trails, remove invasives, and work on other projects as needed. 

If you would like to be part of sustaining our beautiful urban forest for years to come, SIGN UP HERE. You will receive email notifications about forest workdays which generally occur on select Saturdays from 9am to 12pm.


That’s why all dogs in Frazer Forest must be leashed.

“But, but, my dog is different!”

No doubt. Still, some humans who visit the forest—including preschoolers, adults with disabilities, and anyone who has been hurt by a dog—might be afraid of your dog. Please don’t retraumatize our other guests.


dogs running off-leash in the forest spread the seeds of a pesky invasive called Japanese chaff flower. We are working hard to rid the forest of all invasives. Please help by leashing your dog.


dogs running off-leash create extraneous trails, causing erosion in areas we are working hard to restore to native growth. 


even though your special dog wouldn’t hurt a flea, another off-leash dog might hurt your dog. Then we’d all be sad.


It’s the law. We’ve heard every argument. Please don’t make us be meanies if we see your dog in the forest without a leash.