Secrets of the Winter Woods: A Walk in Frazer Forest with EcoAddendum


Saturday, February 8, 2020
Frazer Center
1815 S. Ponce de Leon Ave, NE, Atlanta, GA 30307

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Join us and Naturalist Leslie Phillips of EcoAddendum as we walk through our old-growth Frazer Forest to discover the secrets of the winter woods. 

“Although winter is a time of quiescence, this period of dormancy in the Piedmont forest plays an important role in the function and overall health of the forest ecosystem. Naturalist Leslie Phillips, will unveil some of the surprising hidden interactions that take place during the colder months of winter in preparation for spring. Learn how to ‘read’ the forest and find the treasures of the landscape in any season.

“You’ll also learn more about Frazer’s ongoing program to help care for this special remnant of the old-growth forest which was originally connected to the Fernbank and Deepdene tracts, and how to become a Frazer Forest Steward.”  —EcoAddendum