10,000 People Are Waiting

. . . and they shouldn't have to.

Over 10,000 people with developmental disabilities are on Georgia’s waiting list for a Medicaid waiver. That wait can take OVER FIVE YEARS. 

Every year Frazer Center has to turn away over 500 people because they cannot afford services. 

BE A HERO! Help more people with disabilities FLOURISH.

The Medicaid Waiver program was created in 1991 as an alternative to institutionalized care. A person with a disability can “waive” state institutional services for more inclusive, community-based support. Without this waiver, most adults with disabilities cannot access the supportive services that Frazer offers. 

Once an individual has a Medicaid waiver and chooses Frazer’s Adult Program, Frazer can then bill Medicaid for the hours of support services our staff provides to each individual.

Although Frazer does accept private payment, most Georgians on the Medicaid waiver waiting list are not in a position to pay out-of-pocket for services. So they wait. And wait. And wait. Many of these individuals are high school graduates. Some families in this situation start to see their loved ones regress developmentally because of a lack of regular social and mental engagement.

At Frazer, we are working to bridge the gap for families who are enduring the long wait for the Medicaid waiver. Our Flourish Fund is a scholarship designed to assist those who are on the path to getting the waiver so they don’t have to go without the support they need.

YOU CAN HELP build our Flourish Fund so we don’t have to keep turning people away. 

The cost for one adult to attend Frazer for one day of support, social engagement, volunteer and career opportunities is $74. That’s about $1500 a month. 

Your gift in any amount will help more people with disabilities FLOURISH.


P.S. The Flourish Fund also benefits children whose families could not otherwise afford the life-changing services of our Child Development Program.