Building a New Scholarship Fund

Frazer's new scholarship fund will benefit both children and adults.
Frazer's new scholarship fund will benefit both children and adults.

We're excited to announce that Frazer is kicking off a fundraising effort to create the Flourish Fund, a permanent scholarship fund that will be used to provide services to adults and children whose families have demonstrated financial need.

Although Frazer offers some financial aid, that funding is generally tied to grant sources. Grant restrictions and timelines mean funds aren't always available when new needs arise. That’s why we want to build a larger fund with unrestricted gifts so that we have more flexibility to serve more families.

This could prove especially helpful to adults who are on the waiting list for the Medicaid waiver. Once an adult with a developmental disability graduates from high school, usually at the age of 22, they are eligible to apply for the waiver which helps fund support services such as those offered at Frazer. However, it is very common for individuals to spend years on the waiting list. Meanwhile, families are left to figure out how to get support for their adult child. Sometimes it means that their recent graduate is left at home for long hours without engagement or mental stimulation, and developmental progress can be lost.

While we are building the scholarship pool, assistance may come in the form of part-time services, but the long-term goal is to offer full coverage until the recipient has received their Medicaid waiver.

The scholarship fund will also continue to benefit children whose families otherwise could not afford the life-changing services of our Child Development Program.

If you would like to help build our scholarship fund, click here to donate today, or contact Tonja Holder, Development Director, at, 404-377-3836 ext 118.

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