Frazer Center’s Adult Services Are Flourishing
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Frazer’s Adult Services Are Flourishing

Frazer Center adult participants and staff enjoy being out and about.
Frazer Center adult participants and staff enjoy being out and about.

Frazer Center’s Adult Services programs are flourishing under the leadership of Director Unondus Walker. Thanks to a two-year grant from the Sara Giles Moore Foundation, Frazer launched a pilot program, Project Achieve. The $100,000 grant enabled Frazer to expand the services that can be provided to individuals with developmental disabilities beyond our standard operating hours. 

Project Achieve allows for Frazer’s Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) to meet participants one-on-one within their own communities. The DSPs help each participant build relationships in their neighborhoods, and they provide access to social, recreational, cultural, and educational opportunities in the metro area. Many of these opportunities have not been accessible to Frazer’s participants because they commonly occur during evening and weekend hours when Frazer is closed. The Sara Giles Moore Foundation grant enabled Frazer to expand its staff so that Project Achieve could take flight, and the amount of time our adult participants have spent in the community has doubled since 2022. Although the grant funding is coming to an end, we expect to sustain and grow Project Achieve for years to come thanks to Frazer’s entire community of supporters.

Frazer’s Supported Employment Program continues to grow as well. In 2018, Georgia became an “Employment First” state when Governor Nathan Deal signed a law declaring that employment should be the first option for anyone who wants to work, regardless of disability. Frazer currently has 15 adult participants who are either employed or actively searching for work. Our supported employment specialists and job coaches help participants identify their skills, interests, and goals, then they work with businesses to create perfect employment matches that are a win for both the employer and employee. 

Alicia, Home Depot employee for 6 years and Frazer Center board member (ex officio)
Alicia Day, Home Depot employee for 11 years

Alicia Day is one such employee. She attended Frazer Center as a child, then returned in 2010 after completing high school. Alicia became the first adult participant in Frazer’s Supported Employment program when she began working at Home Depot, and she recently celebrated her eleventh anniversary there. “Frazer Center is my second home, and Home Depot is my third home,” says Alicia. “Frazer means the world to me.”

Frazer Center is committed to providing person-centered support for every adult who chooses our programs. Whether the goal is employment, community engagement, or quality time with fellow participants and staff at Frazer Center, our dedicated, professional staff is committed to helping each adult participant create the fulfilling, meaningful life of their dreams.

If you would like more information about any of our Adult Services programs, please contact Unondus Walker at