Meet Zonetta Cisco, Adult Services Program Coordinator

Zonetta Cisco, Adult Services Program Director / DDP
Zonetta and adult participants decorating for Halloween
Zonetta and adult participant decorating for Halloween
Zonetta Cisco, Adult Services Program Director / DDP
Zonetta and adult participants decorating for Halloween
Zonetta and adult participant decorating for Halloween

Zonetta Cisco joins the Frazer team as our Adult Services Program Coordinator.

In her role, she coordinates with the Direct Support Professionals to create daily opportunities for the adult participants to choose from, such as art projects and community outings. 

Zonetta’s interest in people with disabilities began in high school when she noticed a younger class with children with disabilities. She enjoyed visiting with them and eventually became a volunteer in the class.

Acceptance of other people comes naturally to Zonetta. “That’s how I grew up. You make the best out of what you’re given in life,” she says. “It’s not that one person is better than another; this is just how it is. I feel like everybody should have an equal opportunity in life. That’s how I view the world.”

“Zonetta’s caring, thoughtful, and positive energy has been a welcomed addition to our team,” says Bill Payne, Director of Adult Services. 

Zonetta earned her Bachelor’s from the University of West Georgia with a major in psychology and a minor in sociology. She is currently working on her Master’s in Clinical Mental Health and Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling from Thomas University.

She calls Lawrenceville home, but for a while she worked in Maryland as a residential counselor and house manager where her passion for helping people with disabilities grew. “I began to understand the struggles that people with disabilities deal with,” she says, “such as a lack of affordable housing, and the risk of losing their Social Security if they are employed and earn too much money.” 

At Frazer, Zonetta gets to combine her passion for serving people with disabilities with her creative skills. She is a graphic designer and photographer and has “always loved art. Here at Frazer, I feel like artistic expression is welcome. Being able to make art with the participants really means a lot to me. I feel like art is a very important part of life, and I want the participants to be able to have that creative experience.”

Another thing about Frazer that really caught Zonetta’s attention is our person-centered programming—the whole person is focused on, not just an individual’s disability. “That’s very important,” she says. “Each individual's interests are taken care of. What do they need? What do they want? Just knowing that the adult participants are really cared for, that they’re given choices, and that the staff wants to be here every day is really nice.”

Like most people when they drive onto the campus for the first time, Zonetta was taken by the beauty of the forest. She’s really looking forward to when the forest paths are ADA accessible—a vision that has been in the planning stages since before the pandemic. “It will be great when all of the participants can go on nature walks,” she says.

When not at work, Zonetta loves going to movies and venturing out to “try new things, new places, new food.”

Once she finishes her Master’s degree, she sees herself staying at Frazer and hopefully incorporating counseling and rehabilitation into her role as Program Coordinator. 

“Zonetta brings fresh ideas and excitement to Frazer,” says Assistant Director Angel White. “She is energetic, resourceful, and inquisitive. It’s great to have her on board.”